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Wada Maharashtra Cha

Journey back to the illustrious Peshwa Era at Dio Regaalo Resort, where you don't just read about history; you live it. Our Wada Maharashtra Cha-themed room isn't merely a space to rest your head; it's an immersive time machine, seamlessly transporting you to an age of grandeur and valor—the revered Peshwa Era.


From the imposing walls that echo tales of courage to the vibrant curtains and bedding that resonate with the spirit of a bygone era, every detail is a loving tribute to the rich heritage of Maharashtra. The room's color scheme, drenched in saffron, green, and deep red, isn't just decor; it's a vibrant canvas that embodies the indomitable spirit of this storied land and its people.


But the journey doesn't stop there. At Dio Regaalo Theme Resort in Ratnagiri, we invite you to do more than just witness history; we encourage you to live it. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Peshwa Era, experience the traditions, and indulge in the opulence of a time long past. With every moment, take a step back in time, relishing the fusion of past and present, where history isn't a chapter in a book; it's an enthralling reality waiting to be explored. Come, be a part of the narrative, and let history come alive in every corner of Dio Regaalo Resort.

Size - 140 sq feet. Can accommodate up to 3 adults