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Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days, a treasure trove of nostalgia that rekindles the magic of our childhood! These delightful stories, set against the backdrop of the British Era, follow characters on their most thrilling adventures. At Dio Regaalo Theme Resort, we pay homage to the timeless tales of R.K. Narayan with our Malgudi Days-themed rooms, offering you a nostalgic journey into the heart of rural India.


As you step into your Malgudi Days-themed room, prepare to be whisked away to the picturesque South Indian town of Malgudi, meticulously recreated with unwavering attention to detail. The walls come alive with charming murals, each a vivid tableau of scenes from the beloved stories. Every piece of furniture reflects the rustic charm of that era, immersing you in the very essence of Malgudi.


Your stay in these rooms is not just an accommodation; it's an invitation to relive the enchanting tales that have captured the hearts of generations. Whether you're curling up with one of R.K. Narayan's books or simply basking in the ambience, every moment in our Malgudi Days-themed rooms is a nostalgic journey that celebrates the enduring spirit of rural India.

Size - 225 sq feet. Can accommodate up to 5 adults