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Madhuram Kerala

Swagatham! Ever dreamt of experiencing the serene backwaters, lush greenery, and rich culture of God's Own Country, Kerala? Well, dream no more! Our Madhuram Kerala-themed rooms are your ticket to a captivating journey without the need for extensive travel.


Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Feel the gentle sway of palm trees, their fronds rustling in harmony with the tranquil backwaters. Listen to the melodious chirping of birds that call Kerala's lush landscapes home. Inhale deeply, and you'll detect the rich aroma of Kerala spices wafting through the air, tantalizing your senses.


Our Madhuram Kerala rooms are more than just accommodations; they're a portal to an imaginary Kerala getaway. Each moment spent here is like a blissful voyage through the verdant landscapes and the rich cultural heritage that defines this picturesque state. So, why wait? Come, and experience Kerala right here in Ratnagiri, where every second carries the essence of God's Own Country.

Size - 140 sq feet. Can accommodate up to 3 adults