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Arabian Noor

Welcome to a realm where the enchantment of "Arabian Nights" and the spirit of Aladdin come to life. Step into our Arabian Noor room, a magical gateway to a world of opulence and mystique that mirrors the allure of Aladdin's adventures. As you cross the threshold, your senses will be enraptured by the intricate Arabic patterns adorning the walls, their royal blue hue evoking an air of regal sophistication.


"Al Habibi!" - these words will naturally escape your lips as you immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance. This room is a tribute to the timeless beauty, opulent traditions, and warm hospitality of the Arabian world. Every detail, from the luxurious furnishings to the exotic decor, has been thoughtfully designed to transport you to this faraway land. Within the comforting embrace of our resort, you can experience the allure of this exotic destination without ever leaving.


In this room, you'll discover a serene oasis, a sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate amidst the rich cultural tapestry of the Arabian world. Whether you're lounging in the sumptuous surroundings or sipping on traditional Arabian tea, every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystique and grandeur of this timeless culture, just like Aladdin himself.

Size - 145 sq feet. Can accommodate up to 3 adults